ASHRAE eLearning Center Frequently Asked Questions

Experiencing difficulty? Please review the following FAQs before contacting our technical support team.

1. How do I search for a particular course?

There are several ways to search for a particular course in the new ASHRAE eLearning Center. If you know the name of the course, you can enter it in the search bar, or you can use the course categories listed under the banner on the homepage to search.

2. How can I browse the entire ASHRAE course offering?

To browse the entire eLearning course offering, click on the Libraries category under the banner. Libraries contain a list of all the eLearning courses that ASHRAE offers.

3. What is the difference between a course, a course package, and a library?

A Course is the smallest element. It provides highly focused information on specialized topics. These informational building blocks enable subscribers to complete training one step at a time. Subscribers use Courses to obtain specific knowledge or a small number of PDHs to meet their professional licensing requirements.

Course Packages are a collection of individual Courses that address specific subject areas. Due to their focus, Course Packages help subscribers get only the information relevant to the subject area and avoid unrelated material. Subscribers have the option of following the recommended sequence for completing a Course Package or creating a sequence of their own.

Libraries are a collection of course packages. There are currently 6 Libraries available.

4. Why a Library?

  • Libraries offer a very low cost per course.
  • Each Library has a wide variety of subject areas.
  • Libraries provide the fastest possible access to training - great for times when you have to quickly cover different subject areas.

For more information, contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917

5. What are the available measurement units for eLearning Courses?

Courses are available in inch-pound (I-P), metric (SI) or both (Dual) units.

6. Does the training include a printed course book?

All required reading materials are provided in an electronic format as part of the training and are included in the subscription. The material can be printed and contains all you need to complete the training.

Note: If your training involves ASHRAE Standards, ASHRAE eLearning recommends that you purchase the related Standard. If you need to order course-related publications, please visit

7. What are the PDH requirements for my state?

While ASHRAE eLearning courses are recognized for professional development by most states, it is important that you check with your specific State Board of Professional Engineers for your individual state’s PDH training requirements.

8. How do I claim PDHs?

Your Certificate of Completion shows that you have earned the PDHs associated with your training.

9. Where do I go to access a course I just purchased?

You will find all the courses you are currently enrolled in on your ASHRAE eLearning Center homepage ( under ‘My Courses’

10. How do I start or resume my ASHRAE eLearning training?

To start or resume your training, go to Click on the login button and then enter your username (email address) and password. Click on ‘Incomplete Courses’ followed by ‘Launch’ on the course you wish to complete.

11. How long to complete training?

The time required will vary depending on the type of course and individual learning style. Courses Packages provide up to 45.5 PDHs, or require 45.5 hours to complete. Individual Courses typically offering 1 to 3 PDHs should take 1 to 3 hours to complete.

12. How do I complete/pass a Course?

Go through all the learning materials in the Course you’re enrolled in and complete the exam. The passing score for any exam is at least 80%.

13. How am I assessed?

After viewing every screen in the module, you take the online course exam. This is a multiple-choice test consisting of 10 to 15 questions. You must achieve a score of 80% or higher to pass the course. All completed courses are tracked in ‘My Training Record’. You also have access to a full transcript of the courses you have taken.

14. How many times may I re-take a course if I fail the exam?

You can retake the exam as often as you wish. The passing score for any exam is at least 80%.

Please note that United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) courses have limited retakes. Refer to the course Instructions for specifics.

15. I disagree with my score. Who do I contact?

If you disagree with your score, please contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917.

16. How long do I have access to my course(s)?

All subscriptions last for 12 months from the time of purchase. If you have not completed your training within that time and you wish to continue having access, you must renew for another 12-month subscription.

17. I need access extension. Who do I contact?

If your subscription period is about to expire or has already expired and you need an extension, please contact or 678-500-3917.

18. How do I access my certificate for a course?

Upon achieving a passing score of 80%, a certificate will be available under ‘My Training Record.’ Click on the certificate image in the Certificate column to view, download, and print your certificate.

19. My certificate is not printing. Who do I contact?

If you would like a certificate for a Course Package or encounter difficulties generating a certificate, please contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917.

20. I have completed the evaluation and printed the certificate. Where do I go to ensure my credits are on my transcript?

Upon successful completion of each course, the Professional Development Hours (PDHs) earned will be available under ‘My Training Record’ in the Credits column.

21. How do I review my transcript?

‘My Training Record’ contains a comprehensive transcript of all the modules you have completed, including the date and time when training occurred, the number of credits earned, and certificates earned.

22. My transcript isn’t showing a completed course. What do I do?

If you do not see a course that you have completed on the transcript, contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917.

23. I passed the course, but the course won’t mark as complete.

If you have completed a course but it does not show in the “completed” category, please review the course and ensure that you have opened and viewed all the content screens. If the course still does not show as complete, try closing all the browsers and re-opening the

course again. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917.

24. Are there special rates for groups?

ASHRAE eLearning has training packages suitable for organizations of all sizes. As described in the Offline Order Form and Training List, businesses purchasing identical subscriptions for 5 or more people are eligible for the following discounts:

5-9 Users: 10% off total price 10-19 users: 20% off total price 20-49 users: 30% off total price

Employers or educators interested in using eLearning training for groups should contact or 678-500-3917.

25. How much do eLearning subscriptions cost?

Course subscriptions are $50 (Non-Member) and $42 (ASHRAE Member). Course Package subscriptions prices range from $98 to $259 (Non-Member) and $82 to $220 (ASHRAE Member). Library subscriptions range from $142 to $850 (Non-Member to $120 to $625 (ASHRAE Member).

26. How do I purchase a Course, Course Package or Library?

ASHRAE eLearning Courses can be purchased in two ways:

  • Online – Customer can click on a Course(s) of their interest and follow the check-out process.
  • Via ASHRAE customer service – Customer can email or call ASHRAE with information regarding the Course of their interest. After making a payment, customer will be enrolled.

In both cases, customers will receive an email with their login credentials.

27. What payment types do you accept?

ASHRAE accepts credit cards through PayPal PayFlow Pro. Accepted credit cards include: AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners and JCB.

28. How do I get a receipt for the Course I purchased?

Once you have paid for the Course and are enrolled, you will receive a receipt showing the amount paid and login details. If you do not receive this email, contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917.

29. I purchased the wrong course. Can I get a refund?

Yes. For refunds, contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917.

30. I am an ASHRAE Member. Do I receive a special price for ASHRAE courses?

Yes. Log in using your ASHRAE Member email address and password to receive your ASHRAE Membership discount. All ASHRAE Members earn 15% off publications.

31. I am a Member but I am not seeing the Member price for any of the courses listed, what do I do?

At the point of purchase, you will be required to login. If at that time you do not see the member rate appear in your cart, please contact or 678-500-3917

32. I am not a Member. How do I become one?

ASHRAE Membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. Click here to join.

33. Do I have to be an ASHRAE Member to subscribe to eLearning?

No. ASHRAE eLearning is open to all, but there is a discounted price for ASHRAE Members.

34. How do I track my training from providers other than ASHRAE?

To capture and track your training from other providers, click on ‘My Courses’ ( and use the Self-Reported Learning feature to enter new credits and view the status of previously entered credits.

35. I made a mistake in entering/uploading data for a training from other providers, how do I fix it?

If you make a mistake while entering/uploading data for a non-ASHRAE learning course, you can delete and re-enter it. If you continue to experience the same problem, contact or 678-500-3917.

36. What are the technical requirements for my computer?

  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels for best results
  • Pop-ups, JavaScript and cookies must be enabled
  • Recommended: Broadband connection with a speed of 512 Kb or greater
  • Speakers/Headset

ASHRAE eLearning can be accessed on desktops, laptops and tablets:


OSBrowsersMin Resolution
Windows 7Internet Explorer 11
Firefox latest
Chrome latest
1024 x 768
Mac OS 10.10Safari latest1280 x 1024

Tablet Devices

OSBrowsersMin Resolution
Samsung GT-3 - Android (Version 4.4.2: KitKat)Chrome for Android (latest)1280 x 800
iPad mini - iOS 9.0Native iPad Browser2048 x 1536
iPad Air - iOS 9.0Native iPad Browser1280 x 800

37. I have problems viewing the course on my monitor. Who do I contact?

If you have problems viewing a course on monitor/course will not open/run, please make sure your device meets the system requirements outlined above. If so, and you continue experiencing this problem, please contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-500-3917

38. eLearning website is not working. Who do I contact?

If you have problems accessing ASHRAE’s eLearning site, please contact or 678-500-3917.

39. Is ASHRAE eLearning site mobile responsive?

In addition to desktops, ASHRAE eLearning Courses can be viewed on laptops and tablets. However, mobile phones are not supported.

40. I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. You will enter your email address and instructions to reset your password will be sent to you. Be sure to check your spam folder, which often captures the automated reply.

I have a question not listed here. Who do I contact?

For course-related questions, including:

  • Suggestions for a new course
  • Questions about the content of a course
  • Want to use ASHRAE course(s) on network
  • Want to use ASHRAE course(s) in classroom

Contact ASHRAE eLearning at or 678-539-1162.