Building Electrical Power Components (I-P), 1.75 PDHs (AIA)

This course identifies equipment, components, devices, controls, and materials in typical building electrical power systems. (I-P), 1.75 PDHs. AIA approved.

Training Level: Essentials Level I
Type: Individual Course

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This course identifies the codes, standards, and organizations that govern electrical equipment, electrical design, and electrical installation. It describes basic equipment, components, devices, controls, and materials that are found in typical building electrical power systems along with the sources of these systems. Selection criteria for transformers, generators, and ground fault protection devices are also covered in the course. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Identify the different organizations that influence the design of electrical components and systems; Describe electrical conductors and their sizes; Describe the load carrying capacity requirements of electrical conductors; Describe the insulation requirements for electrical conductors; describe the different types of electrical conductor installation components, including conduits, wireways, busways, and raceways; Describe the use and location of electric meters; Describe the emergency and standby power systems; Discuss the different types of transformers, switching devices, panelboards, protection devices, wiring devices, motors and motor control methods, and control and instrumentation systems used in building electrical systems. Explain the use of power factor capacitors and the different types of control and instrumentation systems used in electrical systems; Ground fault protection; Compare aluminum conductors with copper conductors Determine the clearances for electrical equipment; how to increase power factor; how to minimize harmonic current. (I-P), 1.75 PDHs. This course is approved by AIA. It can be subscribed to independently, as a part of the Electrical System Design Course Package, or HVAC Systems eLibrary.