Air-Conditioning System Components-Pumps, Valves, Piping and Ductwork (I-P), 1.5 PDHs

This course covers the air-conditioning system distribution components and includes a case study. (I-P), 1.5 PDHs. AIA approved.

Training Level: Essentials Level 1
Type: Individual Course

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This course deals with the distribution components of an air-conditioning system, which transport the heating or cooling effect from the source (such as a boiler or chiller) to the spaces that require conditioning. It also includes a case study for the better understanding of the content. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: List the characteristics of some common types of pumps, as well as different types of valves and their applications; Describe net positive suction head and explain its relation to suction lift; Briefly describe the typical characteristics of valves; Explain how sizing of control valves can be undertaken; State the recommendations for piping and duct; Calculate pressure drop. (I-P), 1.5 PDHs. This course is approved by AIA. It can be subscribed to independently or as a part of Components and Equipment Course Package.