HVAC System Selection Issues (I-P), 1.0 PDHs (AIA)

This course covers the process of selecting equipment to meet owner’s objectives and optimize system performance. (I-P), 1.0 PDH. AIA approved..

Training Level: Essentials Level I
Type: Individual Course

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The HVAC system designer selects from a universe of available HVAC systems, equipment choices, other components, and control options to synthesize what should ideally be an optimum solution. This solution should meet the owner’s project objectives within the given constraints. This course looks at the various issues that crop up during such system selection. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Define the conditions that govern equipment location; Explain the space requirements for HVAC&R equipment; List the guidelines for designing for maintenance and repairRecognize the significance of noise and vibration control in the selection of HVAC&R equipment; List noise control techniques; Identify the paths that govern sound transmission characteristics of an all-air distribution system; Identify the noise sources in air distribution systems; Compare the noise-levels of different terminal equipment and list their potential solutions; Explain the effects of vibration; Differentiate between central and local systems. (I-P), 1.0 PDH. This course is approved by AIA. It can be subscribed to independently, as part of System Design Course Package, or as part of HVAC Design and Operation eLibrary.